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INVITATION to Participate

Membership Type

There are THREE Types of Membership in The Joshua Mission:

A. Ministry Member (click here for Application Form)

This is for Christians who are pastors, missionaries, evangelists, leaders or staff who are serving with a church or Christian organisation who wants to personally participate in the Mission to give or receive ministry according to their gifts and callings. Ministry Members form into cells or participate individually. We will put you in touch with the National Coordinator, the Local Area Coordinator, and members in your area. You can contact them or they may contact you for your participation with local groups and activities in your area.  

In countries with a national network, you would be linked locally, nationally and internationally with The Joshua Mission worldwide.

In countries without a national network, you can play a part in developing a local network in your area, or a national network in your country.

B. Group Member (click here for Application Form)

This is for Christian churches or organisations that want to participate as a group with the Mission. Each Group Member nominates two Group Representatives to represent them.  Group Members participate through their Group Representatives to offer or receive ministry  as a group to or through the Mission and may act together in joint ministry.  You would be connected locally with each other; nationally, if your country has a national network; and internationally, with all other members of The Joshua Mission in the world.

C. Prayer Member (click here for Application Form)

This is for any Christian who wants to commit to pray for the Mission personally or as a group  with other Prayer Members.  You are connected locally, nationally and internationally, like for Ministry Members, except  that your focus is on Praying for the Mission.