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The Joshua Mission Spiritual Renewal Gatherings (SRG) (Click on Year for report) For Current Year plus last 5 years (For information on prior years please email courses@thejoshuamission.net)

SRG 2018 - Bear the Fruit of the Spirit - John 15:8; Galatians 5:22, 23
    Mutiara Hotel, JB, West Malaysia

SRG 2017 - Be Still and Know that I Am GOD - Psalm 46:10
    Mutiara Hotel, JB, West Malaysia

SRG 2016 - Inspiration of the Psalms -  Psalms 1, 2 & 23,  29 to 31 July 2016
    Mutiara Hotel, JB, West Malaysia

SRG 2015 - Delight Yourself In The LORD!  Psalm 37, 31 July to 2 August 2015
    Puteri Pacific Hotel, JB, West Malaysia

SRG 2014 - Hearing God’s Will For Our Lives, 18 to 20 July 2014
    Berjaya Waterfront Hotel, JB, West Malaysia

We praise and thank the LORD that, year by year, without fail, His great grace ensures that all who come receive richly and deeply from Him.  His Word speaks and ministers to us.  He inspires and instructs us through our group discussions. He builds our bond with Him and with one another in our times of worship, fellowship and meals together.  We receive from Him both good spiritual and physical food in abundance!  Hallelujah!  Amen!

Annual Gatherings

Ephesians 5:18-20

Praise the LORD for Your gracious presence with us by the Holy Spirit!  We were fed spiritually through Your Word and physically through good food.  We have come to better appreciate and commune with You, beloved Holy Spirit, as a Person of the triune God, in all aspects of our Christian life.

We thank You, dear Spirit, for making Your presence felt in our time of waiting on You in prayer, testimony, singing & exercising Your gifts.  We were uplifted in worship & fellowship in Christ.  We are most thankful that we, who come from different denominations and churches, have joined together in this gathering so that we experience the unity of the Body of Christ.